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You know that friend who kills it at connecting people and always seems to have their finger on the pulse of what to do, where to go, and what to eat? That’s Brigitte and Jenny Kozena, the creators of Intro Only. 


This sister duo found themselves in a post-collegiate world where travel became their way of life and moving to new places meant building their network from scratch every time. And though the newness of every city glittered with opportunity and excitement, it also hardened with the challenges of meeting new people and finding the right tribe with their same vibe. 


Rather than give up on making connections and accept the fate of a Friday night in, the Kozena sisters got to work. 


With Brigitte’s background in software engineering, the duo’s combined experience in being that person in-the-know, and the passionate drive to create an organic network of friends for themselves and others left out in the proverbial friendship cold, the idea for Intro Only was born. 


This private network is unlike any other and gives you a variety of opportunities to make friends naturally and organically. 


So pull up a chair, and get cozy with Intro Only: the exclusive, private network where you know your tribe has your same vibe, and the world is your oyster. 

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