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SAY 'HELLO' TO COMMITMENT FREE FURNITURE. $75 off your first order with the code 'INTRO75'.

More so than ever, the words “real estate” have infiltrated our Intro Only chat groups. Whether you’re coming or going, or somewhere in the middle, these Covid times have presented us with some unchartered territory when it comes to working and living away from our usual home base. Although this may bring all kinds of perks (nomad lifestyle, flexible living situation, etc.) it can also present challenges in terms of setting up a comfortable temporary place to call home. While the Intro Only community itself has been instrumental in connecting subletters to subleasers, the real headache comes when it’s actually time to start moving.

That’s when we began our hunt to find the perfect solution for all our Angelenos looking to make a (temporary to semi-permanent) move. We landed upon Fernish, the LA-based home furniture rental company, and it changed the game for us. Not only do they have all the styles we’ve been eyeing from West Elm, Crate & Barrel and CB2, but they throw in free delivery, assembly, and pick-up, or let you buy out the piece if you grow too attached to let it go.

Lucky for us, the brilliant minds behind Fernish were just as enchanted with us. For members and friends of members, they’ve graciously offered us a gift of $75 off your first order, with no order minimum. For those of us whom have always dreamed of switching up our home vibes with the seasons, whether it’s a new sofa or smaller accent pillows and décor, now’s our chance.

Intro Only members, use code 'INTRO75' at check-out for your first order on

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