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Stand with our members, stand with UKRAINE!

Updated: Mar 30, 2022

INTRO ONLY stands with Ukraine. This is how you can help.

In a time of crisis, we have to stand together and support our Ukrainian members, our team and all affected Ukrainians.

During the upcoming weeks, the INTRO ONLY team, along with our members and communities, will host events and donation drives to help Ukraine.

Stay updated on our app, social media, and here on our website and see how YOU can help.

During a time like this, we have to come together as a global community.

Donate on our website or through Venmo to: @intro-only


Music for Ukraine

INTRO ONLY , in collaborations with Acoustic Sessions LA, invite you to an intimate gathering of acoustic music and good company in our living room in the Venice INTRO ONLY house.


All profits will go directly to helping Ukraine.

Upon request from our Ukrainian team members, the money will go directly to:

  1. National bank of Ukraine - direct sponsor of the Ukrainian Army

  2. Directly to our team members and their families

  3. The International Committee of the Red Cross

If you or your company want to match the donation. Please reach out to

Start your donation today!


Monday Movement (Stockholm)

Every Monday at noon, the people of Stockholm will gather on Norrmalmstorg to stand up against Putin. This is an old tradition from Soviet where people stood against Soviet's occupation.

Join us in Stockholm every Monday until this was is over. Vi ger oss inte!


Our thoughts and prayers goes to UKRAINE!

If you are interested in hosting a charity event or want to get involved, please reach out to

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